News: 2006 and earlier

Spring 2006: Focus on Literacy

Strategies for supporting literacy are highlighted in this issue, with particular emphasis on their role in formative assessment. Several examples are provided including a writing frame, an anticipation guide, and concept mapping. There is an article about the use of literacy strategies to address the needs of diverse learners. In addition, details about SEPUP’s new middle school course, Issues and Earth Science, are presented along with a description of SEPUP’s development of materials on hydrogen fuel cells for the Department of Energy, in conjunction with the Schatz Energy Research Center at Humboldt State University.

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Spring 2005: Focus on Issue-Oriented Science

This issue provides both conceptual background and practical information about issue-oriented science—the core of SEPUP’s approach to science education. In addition to a useful overview of the issue-oriented curriculum, there is an article about the role of evidence and trade-offs, the role of issues in the SEPUP instructional model which is exemplified by a sample activity, teaching tips for the issue-oriented classroom, pointers for developing media literacy among SEPUP students, and more.

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Fall 2004: Focus on the Classroom Learning Environment

The broad range of articles in this issue provides teachers with guidance, resources, and suggestions for using SEPUP with their students. Featured in this issue are an overview of types of learning environments, a sample activity highlighting SEPUP’s 4-2-1 approach to cooperative learning, suggestions for materials management, and an examination of questioning in the classroom.

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Spring 2004: Focus on Inquiry

This issue, just in time for NSTA, addresses a variety of aspects of inquiry in the science classroom including a description of the SEPUP approach to inquiry, how to use current events to promote inquiry, a sample SEPUP activity, and implementation of inquiry and the National Science Education Standards.

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Fall 2003: Focus on Assessment

In Fall 2003, we decided to devote each issue of the SEPUP News to a specific topic related to SEPUP instructional materials and SEPUP’s approach to science education in order to build a reference library for SEPUP teachers.

This first “focused” issue provides a range of articles about the SEPUP Assessment System including classroom examples, a selected bibliography, teacher experiences, background information and useful diagrams.

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