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Guides for Teachers

SEPUP is committed to enhancing the role of teachers as leaders of educational reform in the classroom and the community. Presenting SEPUP is intended for SEPUP teachers and other educators who present SEPUP workshops or provide leadership for SEPUP implementation in their districts.

Presenting SEPUP

This guide is intended for teachers who lead SEPUP workshops for teachers in their own or other districts. It includes an introduction to the SEPUP approach, background on SEPUP instructional materials, a section on presenting workshops and working with teachers, and blackline masters for presentations.

Presenting SEPUP
Blackline Masters

Self-Reflection Worksheet for Teachers Presenting SEPUP Materials

This self-reflection sheet can help teachers reflect on their skills and abilities at leading professional learning on SEPUP instructional materials and identify areas for growth.

Science PDL Self Reflection Worksheet

Guides for Teacher Educators

SEPUP is committed to enhancing the role of teachers as leaders of educational reform in the classroom and the community. The Elementary Science Teacher Leadership (ESTL) Guides provide activities and approaches for pre-service and in-service teacher professional development programs.

Elementary Science Teacher Leadership (ESTL) Guides

Are you teaching a pre-service course or conducting in-service development sessions with teachers? Are you a teacher looking for new ideas and activities? Then these Guides are for you.

Each Guide provides participants with experience in teaching approaches and science content focused on a particular topic in science education as well as science activities that can be used with students. SEPUP materials are often used to model effective instructional strategies. They were written by experts in education and field-tested in school districts and teacher education programs. The Guides are available in PDF format at no charge.

All ESTL Guides are in pdf format and are available free of charge. We do ask for a small amount of information about how you plan to use the Guides and what type of work you do. Register and download your Guides now.

Note that we no longer produce complete ESTL kits. Specialized supplies can be ordered as line items from Lab-Aids, Inc.

  1. Integration Across the Curriculum
    Rationale and strategies for integrating various subjects into a science lesson; resources and guidance for developing an integrated unit.
  2. Facilitating Learning: The Role of the Teacher
    Ideas and activities to enhance discussions through open-ended questions.
  3. Learning About Assessment
    Activities and practical strategies for designing and using assessments to encourage student growth.
  4. Equity for All in Science Education
    Activities to build awareness and practical approaches to use with diverse classrooms.
  5. The Nature of Science
    Experiences in science to help participants construct an understanding of the characteristics, limits, and benefits of science.
  6. Understanding and Using the National Science Education Standards
    Activities to enhance the effective use of Standards in science teaching.

Professional Development Opportunities

Information on professional development opportunities for teachers and teacher educators will be posted as it becomes available—please check back soon.