Investigating Environmental Health Risks – Overview

This module focuses on environmental health risk concepts such as sampling, testing for contaminants, parts per million, and acute vs. chronic toxicity. Students explore risks associated with everyday activities and those associated with the environment, such as the clean up of Superfund (toxic waste) sites. They test black-eyed peas for simulated pesticide residue and model […]

SALI: Overview

Summary: Science and Life Issues (SALI) is a standards-based, issues-oriented science course that emphasizes the life/health sciences. The course can serve as a stand-alone, full-year program or as part of a three-year integrated science with Issues and Physical Science, the SEPUP physical science course, and Issues and Earth Science, SEPUP’s Earth Science course. SALI has four process-oriented components: Scientific […]

Correlations to the NGSS

Our internal analysis (shown below) indicates that existing programs align with many of the NGSS. We are currently making plans for revision of our programs to align completely with the NGSS and include three-dimensional assessments based on the Performance Expectations. Samples will be posted as they become available. Issues & Earth Science (IAES)Issues & Life […]