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SGI Biology Correlations to the NGSS

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Science & Global Issues – Biology

Our internal analysis (shown below) indicates that our existing program, Science & Global Issues – Biology, aligns with many of the NGSS. We are currently making plans for revision of this program to align completely with the NGSS and include three-dimensional assessments based on the Performance Expectations. Samples will be posted as they become available.

Key to Analysis:

*** The course includes significant opportunities to address most or all of a standard. Although some additions might be required, they would generally be in the form of analysis questions, an added presentation slide(s), or discussions to summarize and draw together ideas from several activities.

** The course includes opportunities to address some aspects of the standard. However, some activity procedures might need to have new steps or a Part B added, or a significant piece of text added. In some cases a new activity might be needed to fully address or reinforce the standard.

* The course includes some opportunity to introduce the standard. One or more new activities or significant changes to existing activities would be required to fully address the standard.

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