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The following corrections below apply to all printings of Issues and Physical Science prior to 2012:

Unit A: Studying Materials Scientifically

Activity 3

Teacher’s Guide page A-30: In Advance Preparation at the bottom of the page, change the following phrase: “To each cup containing 40 mL of 40,000 ppm iron nitrate solution add…” to instead read: “To each cup containing 40 mL of 5,000 ppm iron nitrate add …”

Activity 6

Adjust the second paragraph on Teacher’s Guide page A-63 to read: “To prepare 8 cups for students and 1 cup for teacher demonstration purposes, dilute 45 mL of 40,000 ppm iron nitrate solution with 315 mL of water. Then distribute 40 mL of the resulting 5,000 ppm solution to each of the 9 cups.”

Activity 8

In the Teacher’s Guide page A-87, add this note under drawing of cube: “Note: all edges are equal in length.”

Activity 10

On Teacher’s Guide page A-105 in the “Corrosive/Reactive” column in the table, change the entries to read: no, corrosive, no, no, reactive, reactive.

Unit B: The Chemistry of Materials

Activity 14

Teacher’s Guide page B-29: In the Materials and Advance Preparation section, note that the metals—copper, iron, and aluminum—will take time to display signs of a chemical reaction with the 1M HCl. Set up this demonstration before class so that students will observe evidence of a reaction in one class period.

On Teacher’s Guide page B-32 in the last column titled, “Reaction to HCl,” for copper, replace with “No.”

Activity 23

Teacher’s Guide page B-132: First column, between the first and second paragraphs, insert the text: “Teacher’s note: Do not soak the boards for more than 24 hours, as all of the copper will be removed.”

Activity 25

Below is a link to download an updated version of page B-163 in the Teacher’s Guide:

Page B-163

Activity 29

On Teacher’s Guide page B-206 in the section Materials for each student, change “1 Student Sheet 13.1” to, “1 Student Sheet 13.2, ‘Green Chemistry Guidelines.’”

Unit C: Water

Activity 32

Below are electronic versions of the transparencies that were previously only available in the kit:

Map of the 1849 Cholera Epidemic in London (without data)
Map of the 1849 Cholera Epidemic in London (with data)

Activity 36

There is no Student Sheet 36.1, “Modeling Molecules.”

Unit D: Energy

The following IAPS – Unit D activities have optional Literacy Student Sheets. Click on the link to download the Student Sheet:

Activity 64: Literacy Student Sheet 4a, “Writing Frame-ET”
Activities 54, 65, 66, & 68: Literacy Student Sheet 4c, “Writing Frame-DI”

Activity 53

In the Teacher’s Guide section, Materials and Advance Preparation, it should read: “For the teacher, 1 overhead transparency each of Student Sheets 53.1a and 53.1b.” Student Sheet 53.1 (Anticipation Guide: Ideas About Energy) should be labeled 53.1a and the continuation of the Anticipation Guide should be labeled 53.1b (found on the reverse side of 53.1a).

Activity 56

Student Book page D-22 and Teacher’s Guide page D-29: The figure should not show a student shaking the container with the thermometer. The thermometer is likely to break if it is shaken while in the container. Remove the thermometer before shaking the shot.

Procedure #7 in the Student Book: Turn the shaker on its side, remove the regular cap and gently insert the thermometer with the shaker cap attached. When the cap is secured, turn the shaker upright. This will help protect the thermometer from breaking.

Activity 65

Add 1 pair of safety goggles to the Materials list for each student.

Activity 69

Student Book page D-84, Procedure #11: To start the water pump, connect the black wire to the negative terminal on the battery.

Activity 72

New Student Sheet 72.1c
New Student Sheet 72.1d

Unit E: Force and Motion

The following IAPS – Unit E activities have optional Literacy Student Sheets. Click on the link to download the Student Sheet:

Activities 73 & 77: Literacy Student Sheet 4c, “Writing Frame-DI”
Activity 82: Literacy Student Sheet 4b, “Writing Frame-RE”

Activity 73

Teaching Suggestions: The title of the table, “Sample Response to Student Sheet 83, ‘Comparing Vehicle Features,’” should read 73.1 and not 83.

Activity 79

Student Book page E-27, after completing Procedure #7: Repeat Step 7 several times until the members of your group agree on the most common path of the marble.

Activity 84

New Student Sheet 84.2

Activity 88

Teacher’s Guide: Throughout the Teaching Suggestions and Suggested Answers to Questions, replace “bumper” with “frame.”