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Water Science for Schools

Learn all about water with pictures, data, and maps at this site maintained by the US Geological Survey (USGS). This link also has an interactive center where you can test your knowledge of water and offer your opinions on different issues! A Spanish version of the site is also available.

EPA Student Center: Water

A good resource for lots of links related to water including activities, exhibits, and background information. Maintained by the Environmental Protection Agency.



The Challenge of Materials

This site answers many questions about materials and has some interactive activities. Part of the London Science Museum site, it also has other on-line exhibits on science topics.



Maine Solar House

Visit a New England house completely powered by solar energy. The owners of the house, Bill and Debbi Lord, invite you to meet their family and see how they live off the sun’s energy! Lots of useful resources on solar energy, too.

Energy Quest
Sponsored by the California Energy Commission, this site has many interactive activities and resources about energy, including games, projects, stories, and a special section about how things work.

Car Comparison

This activity on the Lawrence Hall of Science website lets you choose features of two cars and then race them to compare their safety, fuel efficiency and pollution.



Florida Springs: Protecting Nature’s Gems

Take a virtual tour through photo galleries and read stories about the Florida Springs and the environmental threats and protection efforts. This site, hosted by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, offers an online adventure, audio and video and an animation production about the water cycle and threats to the springs.