Fields and Interactions: Teacher Links

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Fields and Interactions

This Fields and Interactions unit is part of SEPUP’s Issues and Science three-year Middle School program. Each unit of the program incorporates science and engineering concepts and practices with current issues.

Fields and Interactions

Learning Pathway Diagrams for this unit:

Activity 2
The Apollo Missions

Video of the Crawler-Transporter
This video shows how the Crawler-Transporter is able to move rockets from the Vehicle Assembly Building to the launchpad.

Vehicle Assembly Building Tour
This video shows how the VAB is being currently being used for new NASA missions.

NASA Footage of the Moon Landing
This video shows NASA astronauts landing and walking on the Moon for the first time in human history.

Spin-off Technologies
This page has 15 technologies that were developed by NASA engineers and scientists during the Apollo Missions.

Activity 4
Gravitational Force

Forces and Motion Simulations
This page has four simulations about Forces. The simulation titled Motion is the most relevant to this activity.

Four Fundamental Forces
This page has an article that explains the four fundamental forces of nature in layman’s terms.

Activity 8
Static Electricity

Part A: Electrostatic Activities
Should inclement weather prevent good results of the electrostatic activities, this LABsent support video shows each exploration.

Balloons and Static Electricity
This simulation shows how the distribution of electric charges can cause phenomena related to static electricity.

Activity 10
Visualizing an Electric Field

Charges and Electric Fields
This simulation maps electric fields that result from electric charges.

Activity 11
Electric Field Transporter

Electric Field Transporter
This link goes to the simulation that students use to engineer a transporter that hovers due to electric field interactions.

Activity 15
Evaluating Transporter Designs

Moon to Mars
This NASA mission overview explains how and why humans will use the Moon as an outpost for future space exploration missions.