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Force and Motion

Learning Pathway Diagrams for this unit:

Activity 2
Measuring and Graphing Speed

Extension 1
Click here to submit your students’ data to see how your class results compare to the results posted by other classes who did this activity.

Activity 8
Force, Mass, and Acceleration

Setting Up the Motion Sensor
Click this link to go to the Vernier Go Direct® Motion setup page. From this page, you can select the type of tablet or computer you will be using and it will provide instructions for setting up the software required.
For general tips for collecting good data with a motion detector, click this link

Activity 10
Interacting Objects

Swarms Of Tiny Sea Creatures Are Powerful Enough To Mix Oceans
Click the link to learn more about an example of Newton’s third law in nature.

Activity 12
Collisions and Changes in Motion

Decelerating Safely – Student Book pages
Decelerating Safely – Teacher’s Edition pages
After Activity 12, you may wish to provide students with an opportunity to read and article about vehicle safety features that help keep passengers safe while coming to a stop. In this optional extension, students will engage in literacy activities while reading a text about the features of a car that help keep passengers safe when coming to a stop.

Activity 15
Designing a Car and Driver Safety System

Click the link to learn about how one car company is using brain research to inform the design of safe vehicles.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
If your students would like to learn more about the science of car crashes or have more questions about the science of car crashes, you may wish to click the link to explore free educational resources about this topic.