S&S Student Activity 10.3: Development Decisions

Science and Sustainability

Activity 10.3: Development Decisions

Your challenge is to determine the best use for approximately 200 acres of undeveloped land located just outside the Outer City of Beijing. The property’s proximity to Beijing makes it desirable for many commercial ventures, but it is also valuable in its undeveloped state as a potential nature preserve.
The property cannot be developed without approval by the city’s land-use committee. Eight groups have come forward with proposals to make use of the land.

Web Resources: Research for the Debate

These links will help you get started on your research. Scroll down to find your group, then follow the links.

Background Information

Beijing History (1)
Beijing History (2)

These two sites give a historical perspective on modern day Beijing. Both have links to current news.

1. Residential Area

The National Association of Home Builders
Housing Renewal in Beijing
Housing in China

2. Car Factory

Chinese Auto Industry
Cars: Automobile Companies in China
China’s Car Industry
China Automobile Forecast

3. Park/Nature Preserve

Difficulties and Achievements of China’s Forestry Development
The Nature Conservatory in China

4. Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Energy Agency
Nuclear Power in China

5. Agriculture

Intensive Sustainable Agriculture in China

6. Water Reservoir

Information on China’s Supply and Use of Water
China’s Water Problems
Conserving Water in China is a Solution

7. Wastewater Treatment Plant

Sewage World
Wastewater Pollution in China

8. Amusement Park

FunGuide’s Amusement Parks in China
Design a Roller Coaster
Chinese Amusement Parks


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