S&S Student Activity 23.3: Researching Oil Production and Use

Science and Sustainability

Activity 23.3: Researching Oil Production and Use

Through previous activities, you have explored several aspects of petroleum production and use, and learned that petroleum is a non-renewable resource. After a considerable amount of processing, petroleum can be used to manufacture a wide variety of valuable products, including fuels, plastics, and medicines. In this activity you pose questions about the production, processing, and use of petroleum, and propose an answer based on published data.

Web Resources: Research for the Debate

These links will help you get started on your research (see below).

Oil Exploration

Environmental Regulations in Australian Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Petroleum Products

Petroleum Products Overview
Petrochemical Process Map
Petroleum Refining Process Map

Petroleum Reserves

Petroleum Reserves and Resources Definitions by the Society of Petroleum Engineers
Global Petroleum Resources: A View to the Future

Alternative Fuels

Center for Renewable Energy Resources
Hydrogen Information Network
Biofuels for Sustainable Development
NREL Clean Energy Basics

Oil Companies

Cross Oil, U.S.
Chevron, U.S.
Turkish Petroleum Company, Turkey
British Petroleum (BP)
ConocoPhillips Petroleum
China National Petroleum Corporation


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