S&S Student Activity 30.3: You Can Bank On It

Science and Sustainability

Activity 30.3: You Can Bank On It

In this activity, you have two roles. As a member of your group, you will research one of the many loan requests made to the World Bank by developing countries and make a presentation about it to the class. The presentation should provide information about the country you are representing, its need for the loan, and its ability to repay the loan at either a competitive or low interest rate. As an individual, you will make decisions about how the World Bank should spend a budget of $100 million. You may choose to fund one or more of the proposals described, as long as you do not exceed the $100 million budget. For each loan you decide to issue, you must indicate whether it will be at a competitive interest rate or a very low interest rate. You may also decide not to spend all the money. Instead, you may want to look for a different type of proposal, not represented here, that you think would make a significant difference toward global sustainable development. All of your decisions should take into consideration the information you’ve learned so far in this course.

Web Resources: Research for the Debate

These links will help you get started on your research. Scroll down to find your group, then follow the links.

Background Information

The World Bank Home Page
World Bank Country at a Glance Tables
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
International Development Association

1. Nicaragua: Road improvement

About Nicaragua
History of Nicaragua
Economic Activity in Nicaragua
Road Improvements in Nicaragua

2. India: Healthcare for women and small children

About India
History of India
Life Passages for Women and Children in India

3. Bolivia-Brazil: Gas pipeline

About Bolivia
About Brazil
Bolivia-Brazil Gas Pipeline

4. Madagascar: Irrigation and water management

About Madagascar
Madagascar Country Profile
Madagascar Irrigation Rehabilitation Project

5. Bulgaria: Smelting plant cleanup

About Bulgaria
History of Bulgaria
Containing Toxic Hazards in Bulgaria

6. Egypt: Pollution reduction

About Egypt
History of Egypt
Egypt Air Pollution
Pollution in Egypt

7. Latvia: Landfill improvement

About Latvia
Criteria for Solid Waste Disposal Facilities
Environment Technology Market—Latvia

8. Vietnam: Forest protection and rural development

About Vietnam
Biodiversity and Biodiversity Loss in Vietnam
Vietnam – Forest Protection


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