CHEM2: Kit Contents

Chem 2: Chemicals Health Environment and Me

Equipment Kit Contents

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Scroll down to see the materials that are included in the CHEM-2 kit as well as those materials that are required but not included.

Materials in CHEM-2 equipment kit:

1 CHEM Teacher’s Manual with reproducible student pages
1 Department of Transportation placard poster
1 set of “Historical Advertisements” transparencies
16 CHEM trays
16 CHEM sound cups
16 graduated containers (30 mL)
16 SEPUP funnels
8 dropper bottles (empty 30 mL) for water
8 dropper bottles (60 mL) of vinegar
2 dropper bottles (30 mL) of bromthymol blue
2 dropper bottles (30 mL) of Lugol’s solution
1 dropper bottle (30 mL) of ammonia
1 dropper bottle (30 mL) of vegetable oil
1 resupply bottle (240 mL) of vinegar
8 battery holders
4 plastic vials, with caps
1 plastic squeeze bottle
1 speaker with attached earphone plug
1 vial of pH paper
1 vial of drink mix
1 vial of alum
1 vial of regular aspirin (48 count)
1 vial of enteric aspirin (48 count)
1 vial of calcium carbonate tablets (25 count)
16 mystery vials (capped white containers)
1 bottle of nail polish
3 candles
2 packages of salt packets (40 count)
1 package each of:
stirring sticks (16 count)
droppers (8 count)
plastic spoons (50 count)
hand magnifiers (16 count)
plastic cups (55 count)
metal balls (4 count)
marbles (4 count)
black-eyed peas (10 count)
popsicle sticks (20 count)
tongue depressors (20 count)
plastic bits
copper wire (8 count)
iron nails (8 count)
iron washers (250 count)
resealable plastic bags (16 count)
13-gallon garbage bags (10 count)
cotton balls (10 count)
packets of 2 effervescent tablets (13 count)
gelatin capsules (40 count)
4 packets of Equal (40 count)
packets of Sweet’n Low (40count)
straws (50 count)
scientific grade filters (55 count)
coffee filters (55 count)
packets of pepper (60 count)
small paper tasting cups (70 count)
packets of sugar (90 count)
red rubber bands (20 count)
blue rubber bands (20 count)
yellow rubber bands (20 count)
green rubber bands (20 count)
1 container each of:
baking soda
citric acid powder
cream of tartar
detergent powder
potting soil
empty, labeled “unknown”

Materials required for CHEM-2 but not provided in equipment kit:

advertisements for cigarettes
aluminum foil (six 6 inch square pieces)
bucket(s) of water (for rinsing CHEM trays if sinks not available)
cardboard (one piece larger than mouth of a glass jar)
chart paper
colored crayons, markers, or pencils
corn syrup
flour paste
food coloring, dark color
graph paper
green aquarium plant (several stems of elodea or anacharis)
masking tape
milk, 1/2 pint
overhead projector
paper, both black and white
paper clips
paper towels
plastic or paper grocery bags
plastic wrap
portable radio and/or tape player (or similar sound source)
sample AA, C, D, and 9-volt batteries
sharp knife or single-edged razor blade
small bottle or can of seltzer water or club soda
standard beige rubber bands
timer or clock with second hand
1 bag of trash from school
2 filtered cigarettes
2 glass jars (about 750 ml in volume) with lids
2-liter plastic containers
2 pairs of objects for “blind” identification by sound
75-watt lamp (if sunlight not available)