Science as a Human Endeavor

Science and engineering are human activities. People from all over the world engage in science and engineering and use scientific information and technological solutions. The types of questions a scientist asks and the types of problems an engineer tries to solve are influenced by what they think is important. And what they think is important to investigate often depends on their background, experiences, and perspective. This is why it is essential for all types of people to become scientists and engineers—to be sure science and engineering respond to their interests and needs and to be sure that there are diverse ideas to enrich explanations and arguments. Participation by a wide variety of people in science and engineering will lead to greater and swifter progress toward understanding how the natural world works and solving problems facing individuals, communities, and the environment.

To learn more about the interests and accomplishments of diverse scientists and engineers, and how people with varied backgrounds contribute to and depend on the advancement of science and technology, visit the links below.

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