Issues and Science for California, Grade 8

Evolution Geerat VermeijVermeij is a Professor at the University of California, Davis. Blind since birth but with an acute sense of touch, he is an evolutionary biologist who studies structure and function in different kinds mollusks, from snails to squid. Scott V. EdwardsEdwards studies the genetics and evolution of birds to study patterns of speciation […]

Issues and Science for California, Grade 7

Ecology Victoria J. OrphanOrphan studies microorganisms that consume methane on the ocean floor, bridging the Ecology and Geological Processes Units. Her work is helping to show how microbes can play a role in sequestering greenhouse gases. Rachel CarsonRachel Carson was a marine biologist, environmentalist and writer who alerted the world to the harmful environmental effects […]

Issues and Science for California, Grade 6

Land, Water, and Human Interactions Nathanael WalesWales is a civil engineer with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. He plans projects to protect the shoreline from flooding and erosion, and to protect stream banks from erosion and collapse. Rafael L. BrasBras is a civil engineer who studies rainfall and water runoff to predict flooding of […]

Science as a Human Endeavor

Science and engineering are human activities. People from all over the world engage in science and engineering and use scientific information and technological solutions. The types of questions a scientist asks and the types of problems an engineer tries to solve are influenced by what they think is important. And what they think is important […]