S&S Student Activity 20.1: Modifying an Organism’s Genes

Activity 20.1: Modifying an Organism’s Genes In this activity, you will use what you have learned about genetics and DNA, together with information collected during additional research, in preparation for a debate on the benefits and trade-offs of genetic modification of food crops. When your research is complete, your teacher will schedule a debate. With […]

S&S Student Activity 10.3: Development Decisions

Activity 10.3: Development Decisions Your challenge is to determine the best use for approximately 200 acres of undeveloped land located just outside the Outer City of Beijing. The property’s proximity to Beijing makes it desirable for many commercial ventures, but it is also valuable in its undeveloped state as a potential nature preserve.The property cannot […]

Ecological Footprint Survey Questions

Ecological Footprint Survey Questions UPDATE   Since SGI was published, the organization that developed the ecological footprint calculator used in Activity 4 no longer provides that online resource. Below is an alternative. Ecological Footprint CalculatorThis ecological footprint calculator is less detailed than the one originally used with this activity, but it does address the main points of […]

Investigating Environmental Health Risks – Overview

This module focuses on environmental health risk concepts such as sampling, testing for contaminants, parts per million, and acute vs. chronic toxicity. Students explore risks associated with everyday activities and those associated with the environment, such as the clean up of Superfund (toxic waste) sites. They test black-eyed peas for simulated pesticide residue and model […]